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Company Name Searches, Company Information Searches, London, UK

We provide company information searches on UK Limited Company formation and companies registered overseas.
All UK company searches are completed within 2-3 hours of request and can be sent to you via Royal mail post, courier or e-mail.
To read e-mail documents you will need acrobat reader or a tif viewer of which you can download by clicking on the below links
limited companies

A full company information search on a UK limited company contains the following information.

  company registrations


  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Main objects clause
  • Latest filed Annual Return & subsequent changes
  • Latest filed Accounts
  • Mortgage Register
  • Company screen print & filing history
  • Liquidation documents (if any)
  company searches
  • Price: £120 inc VAT
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Full Minutes to meetings
  • 8 Bound copies of Memorandum & Articles
  • Stock Transfer Forms
  • Combined Register
  • Company Seal
  • Notes for Guidance
  company directors
  • Prices from £6
  • Full Company Search
  • Full search inc Memo & Arts
  • Accounts (any year)
  • Annual Return (any year)
  • Directors Information
  • Registered Office
  • Mortgage Register

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Company Name Searches, Company Information Searches, London, UK