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Limited Liability Company Formations

For Limited Company Formation you need to provide us with a company name you would like to register.

We will then check this name for you against the Companies House database to see if this name is available. If the name is available we can proceed with the registration, provided the name does not include any "sensitive words" prescribed by Companies House.

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  • Proposed Company Name
  • Your proposed Share Capital
  • Company activities - a very brief description
  • One person to act as Company Director (form 288a)
  • One person to act as Company Secretary (form 288a)
  • A Registered Office Address (form 287)

Limited Liability Companies

That's all we need to register your Company. The company name will be registered in approximately 48 hours and the Certificate of Incorporation with company number will be available in approximately 5 working days.
We only need your payment and items 1, 2 & 3 above to proceed, but cannot release final documents until we are in receipt of forms (4, 5 & 6 above) which will be dispatched to you once we have received your instructions.

You can Download all the forms you will need above by clicking the links.
Alternatively you can phone, fax or e-mail us and we will send you forms via Royal Mail post.


Remember, registration only takes 2 working days and with many names still available, don't delay, register today or someone else will register your choice name!

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  • Registered office service. (we act as Registered Office for your Company)
  • Company Secretary. (We act as nominee Company Secretary for your Company)

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